Small and Very Small
Metal Part Stamping

Stamping Small and Very Small Metal Parts is Ditron’s specialty

Small metal part stamping comprises 95% of what Ditron produces. Our proven track record in precisely fabricating small metal parts with incredible speed and consistency has earned us global acclaim. So has our ability to finish, package, and deliver small parts to meet changing inventory needs with dependable dimension and detail accuracy.

Ditron’s skilled engineers and Master Die Makers think big about “working small.” We skillfully apply Design For Manufacturing (DFM) principals, and orchestrate single and multi-stage stamping procedures to create parts that fall into 4 commonly referred-to size categories: Small, Very Small, Miniature, and Micro Miniature. These parts can be delivered as individual loose pieces, or attached to continuous rolls according to specification.

Very Small Stamped Parts for very BIG applications

Our achievements in creating small but highly complex parts has earned us certifications and trust for serving highly specialized markets. Our tiny, sockets, clips, contacts, connectors, and brackets play big roles in industries that include Medical, Aerospace, Automotive, Telecommunications, Computers, Relay Electronics, and more.

Diverse quantities of Small Stamped Parts, from “one” to well over one million!

Ditron excels at stamping small parts in quantities that routinely exceed a million pieces. One example of this is our micro-miniature Mosquito Clip electric socket connector, with over a million pieces packaged in a container smaller than a shoe box!

Small Parts delivered with HUGE attention to detail

Stamping parts from coin-sized to as small and thin as a pin head requires documented inspection at every phase. Our integrated Quality Control protocol insures that raw part material, size, weight, thickness, finish, protective packaging, and more are all exactly as specified throughout the part stamping cycle. We pride ourselves on giving every small-part order the considerable “big attention” to detail critical for ongoing supply success.



Ditron’s Stamping strengths include:







Stamping Performance

A closer look at the micro-miniature pieces we stamp:

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