Ditron Advantages:
Small, Miniature, and Micro-Miniature Metal Stamping with “Mega” Quality and Customer Service!


Ditron was founded on exceptional Micro Miniature Metal Stamping performance.

Small, Miniature, and Micro-Miniature Metal Stamping has become synonymous with the name “Ditron.” So has the term “world-class service.” Founded in 1963, our unique ability to achieve uncompromising micro miniature metal stamping accuracy led to our becoming a trusted supplier to companies world-wide. We stamp continuous form and loose parts used in electronic connectors, automotive, aerospace, telecom, medical, and other mission-critical industries.

Ditron: Micro Miniature Stamping innovation at every phase.

Ditron perfected a streamlined process for designing, building, stamping and heat-treating products custom-made to customers’ specifications. Micro Miniature Stamping innovation at every phase has been a key contributor to Ditron’s growth. Never resting on our laurels, we stay focused on our 3-point corporate mission:

1. Continually strive to improve stamping efficiency and speed
2. Maintain and improve part quality and integrity
3. Make every customer our #1 Priority through the “3 Rs:” Respect, quick Response, and challenge-solving Remedies

Ditron: A History of poineering advancements.

Historically, our mantra of “what can we do to improve” has pioneered and perfected techniques for stamping Micro-Miniature parts from thin gauge ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including Beryllium Copper. The result has been international recognition of capabilities that include lean “just-in-time” (JIT) delivery, and “zero defect” Quality Control.

Ditron’s remedy-focused approach led to our creation of “Mosquito Clips.” These stamped electronic contacts continue to play a key role in the “microscopic-downsizing” that changed and catapulted the electronics world!

Ditron: unmatched customer service and support.

At Ditron, we attribute half our success to the Quality Assuring Processes we infuse into every step of the Precision Micro-Miniature Stamping process. The other half we attribute to always providing customer-first service and program support. Our team-oriented approach and early involvement provides savvy planning and clear, concise communications. As a result, customers realize pro-active advantages from part design, tooling design, and prototyping through inventory management, packaging, and delivery. Work with Ditron, and you gain a supply partner dedicated to ensuring total success for you and your project .

When you need small form factor parts, Stamped from material as thin as .0015 to 1/32 inch in thickness, you need Ditron!

Our “virtual facility tour” highlights the departments, capabilities, and people that make Ditron a totally turnkey Micro-Stamping resource!


Precision Stamping Miniature and Micro-Miniature parts from Beryllium Copper and more has made Ditron a trusted and respected global supply source.


Ditron Advantages Overview

  • Product Innovation: Introduced stamped and formed 2, 3, 4 and 6 finger “mosquito clips” to the electronic industry
  • Tooling Design: Design and build progressive die tooling for high-speed, high-volume production
  • Tooling Expertise: Unsurpassed tool-building craftsmanship
  • Prototype Development: Design, working prototype development, and refinement
  • Registered Certification: Confirming ability to meet industry-mandated critical tolerances
  • Computer Accuracy: Completely Integrated CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing)
  • Success-Focused Support: Courteous swift, proactive customer support
  • Material Supply: Raw Material inventory and ongoing supply dependability.
  • Agile Flexibility: Quickly responsive to accommodate program changes and updates
  • Coiled Stock Stamping: Continuous attached parts, finished and packaged to exacting spec.
  • Loose Piece Stamping: Finished and packaged fun bulk according to your volume needs.
  • One-on-One Relations: Delivering concept-to-delivered-product accountability
  • Quality Assurance: integrated at every phase of planning, production, and supply
  • Lean-Stamping Focused: Continually looking for ways to improve production efficiency.
  • Value Add: Part Finishing, Inventory Management, JIT staging, and more.

Stamping Performance

A closer look at the micro-miniature pieces we stamp:

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