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Electronic Part and Connector Stamping is what Ditron was built on!

Stamping Miniature Electrical Connectors and parts using Beryllium Copper “C172”and other conductive metals is a skillset Ditron was founded on. In fact, the name “Ditron” was created as an abbreviation of the phrase “Dies for Electronics.” Today, Ditron is synonymous with electronic parts stamping innovation, a well-deserved notoriety that began with our introduction of 2-, 3-, 4-, and 6-finger Mosquito Clips! These Micro-Miniature connectors literally helped revolutionize modern electronics design!

Ditron’s main stamping floor coordinates the power of dozens of high-speed BRUDERER Presses. We fabricate electronic parts with such fine-tuned precision and predictability that we are capable of running 24/7, lights-out production cycles. As a result of the supply and cost efficiencies we offer, our micro-miniature stampings are found in phones, laptops, lighting, audio equipment — and just about every type of electronics good available.

Electronic Part Stamping quality advantages and turn-key service convenience.

Die Stamping and forming of Subminiature Electrical Components requires integrated Quality Control at every phase. Our support for designing, prototyping, and testing reflects our commitment to fulfilling your electronic parts order with maximum efficiency and zero defects. Quality control continues and integrates through manufacturing, finishing, inventory staging, packaging & shipping. You experience total accountability and convenient, turnkey solution for Electrical Stamped Part supply.

Stamped Electrical Part options to fit your connector and circuit needs.

Our ability to stamp very small, custom-formed Electrical Parts and connectors — as loose pieces or on continuous strip — is complimented by our warehoused inventory of commonly used Mosquito Clips and Micro-Miniature connector components.

Looking for an Electronics Stamping source to save you money AND improve part supply dependability? Look to us! Our Small, Micro-Precision and Micro-Miniature Stamping advantages will make you want to “switch” to Ditron Stamped Electrical Parts!

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Stamping Performance

A closer look at the micro-miniature pieces we stamp:

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