Plating and Coating Very Small Stamped Parts


Plating and Coating even the smallest micro-sized stamped part with coverage and thickness precision

Ditron offers specialty Plating, Electroplating, and Coating of Small Stamped Parts and Micro-Miniature parts through trusted partner alliances. These partners all have extensive, proven expertise in controlling surface treatments according to precise specificatipons. This includes single, dual, and multi-coat Plating and Electroplating using performance-enhancing gold, silver, and other semi-precious metals.

Plating can be applied with consistency to the overall surface, or selectively and with Quality Assurance precision to meet design and function needs. Painting, clear-coating, powder-coating, and other durable finishes are also available with the same level of precise application.

Plating and Coating solutions offering diverse surface options

Have a unique finishing need? We will rally with your engineers and our suppliers as needed to discover or formulate the perfect solution for your small, finished stamped component. Contact Ditron today to learn about the time-saving, expertly controlled Plating, Coating, and finishing options available as a Ditron customer.


Finishing service strengths:




Stamping Performance

A closer look at the micro-miniature pieces we stamp:

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