Prototyping Stamped Parts

Rapid Prototyping for Stamped metal parts.

Prototype development at Ditron provides competitive advantages by validating or helping improve Small, Micro-Precision, and Micro-Miniature stamped component design. Whether you need a one-off Prototype to present concept — or a small quantity to distribute and evaluate, our flexible platforms help ensure program success.

Prototypes tooled and formed quickly to evolve design.

We use a number of efficient processes, including Photo Etching, EDM wired blanks, and low-volume, single station form dies. By utilizing a number of single stations forming procedures in succession, we can quickly create a part that simulates the results a high-volume, progressive die stamping will produce.

Prototypes formed to validate design.

This disciplined procedure allows us to carefully evaluate the effect each stage has on end-part integrity. Troubleshooting at this stage can include function testing for performance, and cross section analysis to confirm critical details or reveal any hidden “bugs” that could affect production. This Prototyping process also reveals the path to creating a performance-tuned progressive die that will deliver precision at even the highest stamping speeds and volumes.

Prototypes to ensure success.

Ditron’s Prototype-first approach helps you get to market faster by arriving at a successful and efficient design faster. It also helps you realize a better-quality component, and avoid costly disruptions during scheduled production.

Stamping Performance

A closer look at the micro-miniature pieces we stamp:

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