Ditron Unveils New Website and Branding Refinement

Ditron Unveils New Website and Branding Refinement

It is with great excitement that we announce the launch of our new, modern website and “refined” branding — both of which we believe better reflect the advanced world-class services Ditron provides.

The strategy behind Ditron’s new website.

As presented by our President and CEO John Goulding during the site’s unveiling: “We set out to update our digital presence, with the first objective being to expand and improve content so that it communicated both quickly and in-depth two things: our turnkey Precision Stamping capabilities, and; the customer-focused service Ditron has become known for.” A closer look at the site reveals a number of ways it accomplishes this mission.

First, the website contains a more extensive array of primary and secondary pages that detail through text and photos the “step-by-step” capabilities we have for delivering start-to-finish program convenience.

Second, our site now includes a seven-part virtual video tour, providing a quick but informative overview of each department in our 32,000 square foot stamping facility. These videos showcase the people, equipment, and processes that make us an industry leader, while illustrating how we integrate Quality Control in every step of a Stamping program. (A key factor in our ability to deliver 100% customer satisfaction.)

Third, every page includes access to an extensive “stamped part sample gallery.” This gallery will continue to grow and change, always providing customers and prospects with an up-to-date look at what Ditron is able to stamp today!

Finally, our site now includes this NEWS blog, created to keep clients and prospects informed as the stamping world and Ditron continue to evolve. Featuring categories like Industry News, Ditron Updates, Team Spotlight, and more, we hope to make this blog a go-to resource for anyone needing to understand or consider the advantages of Micro-Miniature Precision Stamping.

Communicating better — and functioning better too.

From a technical standpoint, our site now follows web design “best practices,” built on a responsive platform that adjusts for optimal viewing on any device. Buy incorporating “landing-page-styled” navigation on every page, visitors enjoy convenient access to viewing gallery samples, accessing other pages, viewing blog articles, getting directions, and even contacting us for additional information or a hassle-free and prompt project quote.

Embracing the “new” — valuing the “established.”

For anyone familiar with Ditron Inc., there is one other element on our new website that may stand out — our refined logo. After consulting with a brand specialist, it was determined that our long-standing trademark was pretty unique and identifiable. The one element labeled as “in need of rethinking” was the “Inc.” at the end of our name. Many felt it shouldn’t have the same prominence as the name “Ditron.” A small typographic adjustment and twist quickly solved that to the agreement of all!

We at Ditron hope you find our new site helpful and enlightening. Should you have the need for a Precision Stamped Part, getting a free and courteous quote is now just a few clicks away!

Stamping Performance

A closer look at the micro-miniature pieces we stamp:

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We look forward to providing solutions for your next Micro Precision Stamping need!

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